Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Weaning Take 2, Part IV

Drugs of choice:
30mg Fluoxetine (40mg today, 20 tomorrow)

It appears the side-effects have truly subsided. I still have the vivid dreams, but nothing to worry about. My only concern now is a strange, new habit of singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to myself when alone. My singing voice is nowhere near good enough for me to want to risk singing while in company, so I hope I will soon overcome this.

Sometimes big companies are slow, bureaucratic beasts. Not on this occasion. It is less than two weeks since I decided to change job, and as of yesterday it has become official. My workload is increasing but, at the moment, I continue to relish this new pressure. My colleagues, past and present, have all welcomed the news, with many happy sentiments being passed on to me.

If I stick to the schedule suggested by my GP, Friday will see me reduce to 20mg of Fluoxetine per day. I await the impact of another session of withdrawal on this new enthusiasm.


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